Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lucy Gets Her Life Back, Stef Ann Holm: 1 Star

Disappointing chick lit. Usually, most of the stories are fairly hum-drum, cutesy stories that you can get through. This one didn't even have a good cat fight in it -- even on the inside!! Even as a single mom and divorcee, I couldn't get into that side of things. Instead, I thought the author probably hasn't really experienced much of what she's talking about since it feels like she's writing this from the sidelines.

Yes, I understand that fiction is not real for the most part, even the "inspired by a true story" versions. But I do need something that my brain can wrap itself around and identify. I love finding a book where I click with the characters. Then, I don't care how unrealistic the story gets, I'm right there with it, cheering along.This one was hard to even keep turning the pages. I fell asleep once while holding it, I believe.

It was a fast read - two plane rides from Salt Lake to San Fran and from San Fran back to Salt Lake. No movies were offered.

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