Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ella Minnow Pea, David Mitchell: 4 Stars

Great book. Shortest book I've read in awhile if you're looking for something quick...

Those two points aside, my favorite parts about the book were the fact that the plot centered around letters to and from the characters AND how signs can be interpreted so very right, wrong, or sometimes just really don't matter. I think we've lost a lot in the art of writing letters with email being so quick and easy. We don't put as much thought into what we're saying as it can be delivered within moments. Our phrasing and study of the English language is a bit tarnished and broken in this matter. I think it's a slightly sad commentary on language in today's society.

Highly amusing is the way in which evolution is grasped and becomes the downfall of the society. I appreciate how the book made me think about relations in society. How as society evolves, we have tendencies to look down at things that seem "old fashioned". It makes a nice bundled package to see new things as advancements or signs of the future when sometimes the past is perfectly acceptable - and quite lovely.

This applies to everything with the exception of some fashion. We seriously DO NOT need to relive the nasty 80s people. Just let it go!!

Pick it up - recommended book.

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