Monday, June 22, 2009

Key Trilogy, Nora Roberts: 2 Stars

This is a trilogy that I would have loved to get into -- Three "chosen" humans on a quest to find the three keys and release the god-king's daughters from a prison. Nice thought, but even after three books, I have to say that the characters weren't well developed, the dialogue was not engaging, and the storyline was too blase. The premise itself would make a great movie, and if she would have put more stock into it, she might have made a decent fantasy series out of it all.

Book 1: Key of Light
Book 2: Key of Knowledge
Book 3: Key of Valor.

First off, for dedicating a book to each of the leading ladies, only the middle character (Dana) kept her flow throughout the series. Malory (from Book One)just got cheesier and cheesier and lost a lot of her identity as the books went on. She had to give up the idea of being a painter at the end of the book in order to receive her key, and by so doing seemed to give up her personality and herself.

Zoe (Book Three) started off as a witty, charismatic woman who lost all of that with the exception of one or two lines from her own novel. She seemed like a completely different person from Books 1 & 2 than she did in Book 3.

If you like your stories neat and tidy and hopelessly happy, these three books are great for you (although honestly, the dialogue needs help -- big time!!). Now, time for some M&Ms.

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