Friday, June 5, 2009

Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell: 4 Stars

Great book.

That being said, the writing styles of the separate sections get in the way of the overall flow of the story. Each story line is told in a different style of voice, and some of the styles are slightly distracting as you need to get into the rhetoric patterns to understand (similar to reading a foreign language).

The cross history plots are quite interesting to tie together. By the 5th section though, it's quite frustrating as you try to piece the history together to see how it all binds.

I'm always surprised at how cold and calculating futuristic time is portrayed. I think we would just be as much if not more emotionally nutso without as many physical activities to do as more things are done through the use of computers, electronics and robots. I wish we would become more caring as a society as we move into the future. Looking back on the rise and fall of different nations, the final storyline adds a great flair to the overall book and the narratives begin to shape up.

Definitely worth a read. Check it out.

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