Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barefoot, Elin Hildebrand: 1 Star

Neat little package wrap up. Honestly, it wasn't even that great for chick lit. It was just a practical book about things that happen in life -- one thing being cancer -- that were all wrapped up fairly nicely by the end of the book. Characters weren't that engaging; plot lines were basically boring. Overall, not really an enthralling piece of fiction.

Cancer patient becomes a "survivor". Yeah, my dad had lung cancer too lady - it's the hardest one to survive so I'm a little skeptical.

Cheating husband is taken back after wife gets a backbone. Hmm, that happens often, but not because the wife gets a backbone.

Professor fired from university for affair with a "student" who is older than she is. The way she became a professor is even slightly sketchy. I'm not buying it.

All over the beach. Can I just call someone to solve my problems like this and hand deliver them wrapped up in a little bow at the end?

Thanks, but no thanks.

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